Sex: Female
Age: Younger Millennial (so, old)
Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Office Worker

You can call me 43501 or Dinny. My usual handle ('43501') doesn't mean anything in particular, it's just a string of numbers that can be neatly translated from leetspeak ('aesoi'). There's an irony with this name because I enjoy how anonymous and impersonal numbers feel, but use it as a consistent representation of myself.

I'm a jack-of-all-trades artist with a broad spectrum of interests: competent at a number of things, master of none. I write, but in recent years moved away from fanfiction to original works - pieces written for my own satisfaction which I don't post anywhere online. I draw, but don't commit myself to practice/studies often enough to improve or develop appeal. I like music and used to enjoy creating sets and playlists, but almost every decent mix host has been neutered or outright killed and I've lost most of my creations (thanks, suan.fm and 8tracks). I'm compelled to be making and doing stuff, even if it's useless or not very good. I have this extremely powerful but formless, free-floating yearning to make something "worthwhile" someday, but I realize I probably never will. 

From a young age I've held a difficult to articulate fascination with water and spent most of my after-school time swimming, except during the winter. I'm happiest in a pool, bath or the ocean. I was part of a swim team throughout primary and middle school years and earned the nickname "Zora" (yes, as in the Legend of Zelda race) for my ability to freedive. Unfortunately, I lost confidence in my abilities and body and have not been able to swim competitively since. Fish are my favorite creatures and I adore aquariums. It's for these reasons I represent myself as a mermaid and use fish motifs.

Things I like to do, learn about and talk about.

  Writing Visual Art Videogames Fishkeeping Swimming Animation Mycology Spirituality Journaling Tabletop Roleplay Yoga

Specific things, concepts, aesthetics etc I love.

Mermaids Vaporwave Minimalism Web 1.0 Pixel Art Water Retro Futurism Disco & Funk Music Tamagotchi Cubes Erotica


A small gallery of my display pictures, past and present.