Favorite Characters
Eternal waifu and husbando hall of fame.

Favorite Pairings
Top OTPs list.

Top Anime
Top favorites, to see every anime I have ever watched visit my MyAnimeList.

Kaiba  Tatami Galaxy Aku no Hana Ping Pong: The Animation FLCL Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Osomatsu-san ERASED Mawaru Penguindrum The Big O
Serial Experiments Lain Ergo Proxy Revolutionary Girl Utena Mob Psycho 100 Kids on the Slope Paranoia Agent Tsuritama Free! Iwatobi Swim Club / Eternal Summer

Top Movies
Yes, they're all animated... I promise I watch live action cinema too...

Mind Game The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Children of the Sea Dead Leaves Lu Over the Wall Jin-Rou Ghost in the Shell Paprika Tekkon Kinkreet Perfect Blue End of Evangelion

Top Videogames
Part "games that I think are artistic masterworks", part "games that have a bunch of flaws but I played tons of anyway".

Cave Story Mother Series UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE Fallout: New Vegas Golden Sun Series Yume Nikki Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Portal Series Baten Kaitos Series Hatoful Boyfriend Stardew Valley Guild Wars 2 Animal Crossing: Population Growing and Wild World

Top Manga
I'm not a big manga reader, but I'm trying to change that!

Death Note Dorohedoro Berserk Prison School Oyasumi Punpun

Top Everything Else
Some other things I like...

[Colors] Aqua, pink [Flowers] Passiflora, sunflowers, hibiscuses [Animals] Fish, capybara, squirrels [Music] Disco, house, vaporwave [Season] Summer [Pokemon] Vaporeon [Digimon] Terriermon