A desktop buddy of Matsuno Ichimatsu from the anime series Osomatsu-san! This gloomy, cat-loving twenty-something NEET will provide you with entertainment and assistance from the corner of your screen. You can even call over one of his five brothers for extra company! Want to know more? Read this handy-dandy readme file.


  Keeps you company with a ridiculous amount of partially randomized dialog, including things like season-specific and time-sensitive speech.
  Has a text input where the user can “chat” to him directly (though he only responds to certain simple phrases he recognizes).
  Has special dialog and unique menu options for certain dates of the year (such as his birthday and valentine’s day).
  Has a bunch of other for-fun features like the ability to be petted (rub your cursor back and forth over his hair or face), fed, given gifts, tell your fortune, help you make decisions and quote random cat facts.
  Can summon the other 5 brothers using a command in the text input/chat section (e.g. “summon osomatsu”). Having another brother active will cause them to chat to one another sometimes.
  Announces the passage of time every hour to help you keep track of time, gives various self-care reminders.
  Has a memo function and a shortcut function (requires some simple setup from the user, instructions in the readme.txt).
  Can empty your recycle bin on command.
  Has a function for you to set an alarm (warning: it makes no noise and is a text pop-up only).
  Comes with a calendar function presuming you don’t already use rainlendar, in which case this is a little pointless.


How to Install

Download! [ From Neocities / From Mediafire ]

1. Download Ukagaka [Ichi Bundle].rar from the link provided above.
2. Use WinRar to extract the contents of the .rar wherever you want on your computer.
3. Activate ssp.exe to start the program.

Note: This is not the usual way Ukagaka are installed - most people will have you download the latest version of ssp, then manually install their ghost, then manually install their dialog balloon skin. I have pre-bundled everything together to avoid the hassle and confusion, and because Ichi sometimes doesn’t work with the latest version of ssp for some reason.

Bugs (i.e. why 'beta'?)

Simply put, he’s supposed to have an affection stat that slowly builds or decreases over time depending on your interactions with him, but it’s ridiculously broken and I don’t understand why (since it works perfectly in the Ukagaka that I studied in order to make his affection system). When I did some tests/debugging, he started off with a neutral (50) affection and after giving him a single bag of chips it jumped to moderately positive (70). For reference, the item is only supposed to add a +1 to the stat. Yeah. It’s nonfunctional.

Other Notes

This custom Ukagaka would not have been possible without the help of Zarla's incredibly clear, thorough Ukagaka walkthrough and template.

The art/assets for this Ukagaka are sprite edits of the Osomatsu-san Shimejis by emmmm, edited and distributed with permission. Please like and bookmark on Pixiv if you are able.

If for some reason you want to know, you can find the original release post here and the dialog expansion post here. These are only supplied for archival/historical reasons - the download link provided on this page is complete and includes the dialog update.