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Lore bible, extrinsic documents, short stories etc for homebrew D&D campaign Marchioness, Momento Mori. Updates often as game progresses.

Lore bible, character indexes, soundtrack, artwork etc for currently ongoing D&D campaign Glade's Ascent. Updates often as game progresses.

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Other Interesting or Useful Sites
A short (limiting myself to <10) list of finds that I have not seen on other people's link directories.

Shiho Yabuki's Livestream
Shiho Yabuki is an unfathomably talented Japanese ambient electronic musician who has been composing since the 1980's. Her most influential work is The Body is a Message of the Universe, recorded in 1987. Every single day without fail at 9PM Japan time she livestreams a one hour improvisation performance with her pet owl.

A little known character maker that I think is more useful and robust than Picrew. Use it to make cute characters, experiment with designs for your next D&D hero, create an avatar for yourself etc.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends
A site that defies any easy explanation, laden with phantasmagorical images and essays on everything ranging from dolphins as light beings from other realities, giant subaquatic plasma balls of ecstasy, civilizations residing in the hollow earth, time travel, bubbles proving the existence of parallel universes and personal encounters with a sasquatch.

Claire’s Historical Fashion Reference & Resources
An enormous document consistently updated since 2014 aggregating sources for historical clothing throughout time and geography. Great for worldbuilding and designing characters with period-accurate costumes.

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