Mini Playlists

Creating themed sets and playlists was a regular hobby of mine before 8tracks killed itself and then YouTube's aggressive policies gradually killed every alternative mixtape host one-by-one. Some of these playlists live on Soundcloud, others link out to YouTube. These differ from the jukeboxes in that they have tight theme and are complete, cohesive playlists.

Genre: Lo-fi, chillhop
Dreamy, floaty lo-fi that evokes feelings of bliss and romance.

Genre: Lo-fi, Japanese hip-hop
The spiritual successor and "b-side" to ooo. Mellow Japanese rap tracks interspersed with instrumental chill beats.

Scorching Saturn
Genre: Acid jazz, psych rock
The playlist accompaniment to Scorching Saturn. Late 60's - early 70's psychedelic rock and acid jazz, mostly instrumental with a focus on reverb guitar, sitar and keyboard, following the musical motifs established in the character's theme music.

Genre: Trip-hop, downtempo
The playlist accompaniment to Guzmania. Atmosphere album intended to represent a sort of heady, disoriented, intoxicated infatuation.

Committing Arson
Genre: Eurobeat
An Osomatsu-san themed eurobeat album inspired by the frenetic energy of the season 1 cour 1 OP "Hanamaru Pippi wa Yoiko Dake" with a song picked to represent each sextuplet. Makes for a really good running playlist.

Avec Sans
Genre: Jazz noir
A moody, melancholy album in tribute to Sans from UNDERTALE, reflecting the jazz motifs and instruments used in "It's Raining Somewhere Else" from the UNDERTALE soundtrack (or "Sans' Date" in the game data).

Genre: New wave, synthpop
Character album for my husband's mad scientist character who never saw the light of day, but who I still love and have very strong impressions and ideas about.

Shining Scales & Fishy Tails
Genre: Deep house
Character album for myself (more specifically, the mermaid character I use to represent myself online and in general). An undeniably vain blend of indie dance and progressive/ambient house tracks. Well, at least one of these tracks was sent to me by a good friend with the comment "this song sounds like you".

Seems You've Mistaken Me For Someone Who Cares.
Genre: Indie, alternative rock
Character album for Matsuno Ichimatsu from Osomatsu-san, largely constructed around the song "Dirtbag". Made to fulfill a request from Tumblr for a character playlist with a particular sound and including some bands that were popular at the time. Don't enjoy this genre very much, it was hard to make.

Genre: Mixed electronic
Character album for Matsuno Ichimatsu from Osomatsu-san. This was the first one I made and this one reflects my personal tastes and sensibilities (in contrast to the above). It was important to me to include songs with relevant lyrics but that weren't too edgy or mopey, and to have a clear musical progression from start to finish.

I Am You - (coming later maybe - lost music here, need to reconstruct this one)
Genre: Mixed electronic
Shipping playlist for Ichimatsu and Karamatsu from Osomatsu-san, largely (if not entirely) one-sided from Ichimatsu's perspective, swinging back-and-forth between songs about consuming, obsessive love and others about a more quiet, genuine affection.

The Merchant
Genre: Celtic
Character playlist for Rhisiart Santee, a simple human merchant looked upon by the Goddess of nature. Celtic and similar folk music arranged in a chronology of his life, from childhood to leaving home, adventuring to meeting the woman who would become his wife.

Cabin for Two
Genre: VGM, ambient
A playlist request: "A peaceful, comfortable winter-time romance."

Genre: Uptempo, chiptune
A playlist request: "Bright, colorful, sickeningly sweet bubblegum-y pop."

Kee Heh Ha Mo-Atata
Genre: Drone, world music
A playlist request: "Mystical, exotic music for a fortune-teller type character."