Rat Farm 3 Log

Three rats get together to start their adventure on RAT FARM 3!*

*RAT FARM 1 became defunct when the original host bailed after one session, RAT FARM 2 became semi-locked when one farmer somehow made trees extinct, chopping every single tree in the game and then quitting with all of the wood in his inventory. We were woodless and nobody could be bothered waiting numerous in-game days for the trees to grow back.


The first incarnation of the Fuckhouse, complete with the Three Skeletons Who Watch You Sleep.

Fuckhouse 2: The Fuckening, the skeletons no longer watch you sleep but there's an inaccessible TV for your inconvenience.

Fuckhouse 3, featuring The Sleep Gauntlet (TM), a maze featuring concealed exits and dead ends that must be endured every single morning and night.

Average experience with the gauntlet after "just one more floor!"-ing the mines and leaving less than a real-world minute to get home.

On the final house expansion, the gauntlet was dismantled and the main house was made into a respectable abode for three rats. Rikki is a househusband and Vanli is day drinking.

"Complete Breakfast" can be a night time food if you want it to be.

Average night in the RAT FARM 3 main house.

Eventually we bothered kitting out our individual cabins - here is mine from the exterior. (This did not prevent us from all piling into the same bed at night, old habits die hard.)

Dinny Shack interior, including an indoor coffee plant and two kegs for making coffee, which is usually what kegs are used for.

Rikki Shack exterior.

Virgin bee suit wearer, chad bikini apiarist.

Dinny and some hobo sitting on the couch.

Vanli and Dinny sit on a swingset intended for children, with legs arranged in a very normal fashion.

A shock marriage proposal!

The swing lesbians have a spring wedding!

A cryptid sighting...

The rats make it to the island!

Crab cakes make me so happy...

The most primadonna fish in the universe.

But I'm a married rat...

Vanli hangs out with the undulating flesh pile of eternal suffering.

A couple of stupid hipsters stare at each other.