Miscellaneous pages that don't fit anywhere else - expect photo logs, one-off projects and weird tangents otherwise.

A chaotic photolog of a multiplayer Stardew Valley playthrough from early 2021.

Ichimatsu Ukagaka
Are you lonely? Do you want a little dude hanging out on your computer desktop? I made him. He's here.

Tabimatsu Log
In 2017 I blew $100+ on a shitty mobile game with an AR camera, so you have to look at these.

Cats Photobook
The only part of this site that matters.

Stardew Valley Photobook
Image-only aesthetics collection. Complete antithesis of the RAT FARM 3 Log.

Blog Post: Even Tiny, Momentary Internet Virality Sucks Ass
A long time ago, a post of mine went viral. I hate this with all my heart.